Can my PSU handle another 560ti to SLI?

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Dec 28, 2012
It's an Antec Earthwatts 620w PSU.

Here are my other components:
CPU: i5 3570k with Zalman 9700
GFX: Gigabyte gtx 560ti
PSU: Antec Earthwatts 620
MOBO: Gigabyte z77-xd3h
Case: Rosewill Challenger
RAM: 2 sticks of 3gb
One SSD and 1 HDD.

depends on the card:

The answer is actually no.
The Antec Earthwatts 620W only has a single 6-pin and another 6+2pin PCI-E connectors, a 560ti requires two 6-pins. You havent got enough cables to connect the other card.

You could use Molex-PCI adapters, but I personally dont recommend using them.

Incorrect. :non:

That's a 620w PSU that also does not have four 6 pin connectors and yet it has been running two 560Ti's on molex adapters for over a year and a half now.


here is the deal:

the 560ti uses ~160 watts. i wouldn't hesitate to use TWO 4 pin molex to 6 pin adapters if the 12 volt rail on the PSU can support it. really that is not much more consumption than a single adapter.

now for something like a 570 which needs ~210 watts; i would not.

i hope i pointed out the difference.

The quoted post gives the impression that the OP should go and buy a new PSU because you don't recommend the use of molex to 6 pin adapters.

It's more like 170w. :whistle:



well "Maximum Graphics Card Power" doesn't necessarily mean that a partner's card will hit that, does it?

and you did not just make a derogatory remark about techpowerup? :ouch:
For this test we measure power consumption of only the graphics card, via PCI-Express power connector(s) and PCI-Express bus slot. A Keithley Integra 2700 with 6.5 digits is used for all measurements. Again, the values here reflect card only power consumption measured at DC VGA card inputs, not the whole system.
is there something flonky with that method as oppose to 3D guru's "from the wall subjective" testing?

now these questions are a bit of a side issue; for the sake of erring on the side of caution, where ever an error may be, the OPs 560ti is very likely to be using 170 watts.

i would still see no problem with two separate stringers of 4 pin molex being used by two separate 6 pin adapters since each adapter will not have to provide the maximum 75 watts for each of the card's power connections. - my original point.

i still won't mind hearing about your view of the power testing, if you are so inclined - me :love: the monkey . .
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