Question Can my PSU handle RTX 3080 or should I go with an RTX 3070 (sorry I know this question has been asked before)


Aug 19, 2018
I know the recommended min for an RTX 3080 is 750W PSU. But when I put my components into the PSU calculator in Outvision, I get recommend a 500W PSU with the RTX 3080.

I currently have:
Z370 Gaming ITX motherboard
2x Corsair 8GB DDR4 3000
Some SSD card I don't remember

My PSU is Corsair SF600 SFX 80 Modular Plus Gold

Based on the calculator this should handle the RTX 3080. But would this be a risk? If so I would just get a 3070, as I am not the biggest gamer in the world, and unlikely that I would play particularly demanding games anyway. Just like the idea of hooking it up to a virtual reality set at some point in the future.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Aug 19, 2018
It probably won't do all that well, and I'm using this thread here as a reference:
These appear to be some hard hitting 350w+ cards - nothing to do with psu capacity, BTW.

I don't see any serious risks with the current psu... if you consider crashing and black screening a risk, at least.
So what is the issue then? Maybe I will stick with the 3070. Haven't owned a standalone card for 15 years so I am sure I will be blown away anyway.




Jun 22, 2019
The 3070 has not been released yet so no real world testing has been done, I would wait if you can to see what the results from serious reviewers are like Gamersnexusfor example.... this guy I would class as dodgy, 10th gen intel and a 3080 are ok on 600w if your CPU is not OCed in anyway. Who the hell buys a 10th gen unlocked and runs it at stock, and then slams a monster GPU to get less performance. Yes 600w (with no room for overhead) can run that sort of setup BUT if you want to get what you paid for it will not.

It is really a pretty simple bit of math, this is a very basic number off the top of my head.... 95w for your cpu, 320w for the rtx 3080, another 100-125w for SSD`s, RAM, cooler, rgb whatever, 15-20% headroom.... most PSU do not stay heathy running 100% 24/7 .... and you get 621w needed. Not that hard really.....

I would go for a quality 750w and have peace of mind, sure it is 150$ or whatever but man if your PSU kills your 800$+ GPU you would feel pretty sick....
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Mar 14, 2020
most PSU do not stay heathy running 100% 24/7
Most people don't stay healthy running stress tests 24/7... Occasional close to 100% load is perfectly fine for any decent PSU. Regardless, the problem with RTX3080 PSU compatibility is not in average load, you wouldn't exceed 600W power draw with any CPU and RTX3080 in games, it doesn't shutdown because PSU doesn't have enough power or smth, it shutdowns because RTX3080 has or had (before driver update) rather high millisecond transient load spikes which tripped PSU protection which is usually set at 130-140% capacity, that depends more on PSU platform than it's wattage.
About Optimus Tech, i understand that this is rather anecdotal data and there are a ton of variables, but at least in his case it worked. I mean, the way OP asks about this i'd rather have underclocked RTX3080 than RTX3070 which would definitely be slower. No idea why they don't want to replace a PSU, even if it's an SFF build, Corsair SF750 should be good.