Question Can my rx 560D run on a 260w power supply?

Is that a prebuilt computer from HP ? The PSU requirements seem to be little less, IMO. AMD actually recommends a 400 Watt, with the GPU having power within 35-48 W bracket.

I'm assuming your HP PC might be having some generic PSU model, 'cause I couldn't find the exact specs of this computer. Anyways, I suggest you grab some other PSU unit, if possible. 260 Watts seems less for your system.

Don't risk using the RX 460 with that system, unless HP knows what they are making. I would still recommend to grab a quality 400/450 Watts PSU from reputed brands like Seasonic, Be QUIET, ANTEC, CORSAIR, Cooler Master, just to name a few. Never SKIMP on the PSU.
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