Question Can new GPU drivers cause a PC to deadlock?


May 27, 2017
Hello! I apologize if this is the wrong section:

I'm a video editor, and a few weeks ago I ordered a new pc for work. The pc has been working beautifully up until a few days ago, where it started deadlocking while doing the most mundane activities, like downloading files of watching Twitch, and the only fix is forcing a restart.

I can work on Premiere non-stop for 6 hours but, the moment I close the program and decide to upload something, I come back later to a completely frozen PC: nothing responds, the lights on the keyboard don't light up, the mouse doesn't move, and my only option is to press the shut down button.

There are no BSODs, no dump files, no entries in the event viewer, nothing that could indicate something crashing or not working. sfc/scannow came back saying a few issues were solved, but nothing changed. The problem started around 5 days ago, and I'm basically force-restarting my pc every 2 days.

The only thing that I changed before these crashes was that I updated the NVidia drivers.
Is it possible for drivers to do something like this?
I would try to roll back to a previous version, but the problem is... the old drivers gave me issues with Premiere! I was forced to update them because Premiere kept crashing. Now I find myself in the opposite situation, were Premiere works with no issues but everything else is struggling.

My specs:
AMD Ryzen 5950x
Nvidia RTX 3070ti
Asus Crosshair Hero VIII wifi
Corsair Vengeace 3200 2x16
SSD (Samsung) + HDD (Seagate)
Corsair 650W PSU
Corsair Hydro 100x
2 Thermaltake toughfans

I am using Windows 10