Question Can no longer switch between speakers and headphones

Mar 10, 2021

So I have a windows 10 PC and have a pretty basic speaker set up (creative pebble 2.0) and headphones plugged in (razer kraken x).
My speakers are connected to the usb and output jack in the back of my PC, my headphones are connected to the output jack on the front of my PC (so both plugged in).
Everything was working fine these past few months where I was able to just switch between my speakers and PC by just changing my sound settings on my PC.
But after a recent windows update, for some reason, when my headphones are plugged in, my PC no longer plays audio from my speakers.
It recognizes my speakers in my PC settings, but the sound only comes out from the headphones now even if it says it's coming from speakers.
Speakers have no driver so nothing to update, and headphone drivers are updated.
Has anyone encountered this problem before?


What OS version are you currently on? Check and see if your have any BOIS updates pending for your motherboard. If your OS and BIOS are up to date, manually source the audio drivers for your platform, uninstall your existing audio drivers, then manually install them in an elevated command, i.e, Right click installer>Run as Administrator. Speaking of sound cards, are you on an integrated solution? If so, make and model of your motherboard? If you're equipped with a Realtek audio solution, then the option to segregate the front and rear audio outputs is found in the Realtek Sound Manager.