Can norton ghost os backup


Nov 4, 2009
I want to backup my windows vista os because im goingto install windows 7 but might decide to go back to vista. Would norton ghost do this?

Vista will do this. Go to control panel and open and use 'back up and restore'


Only Business and Ultimate versions have the image option available.
He wants an image of the drive, in the event of needing to restore his Vista instalation.
Norton ghost will do it, providing you have a version that supports Vista. If in doubt check the Symentec website.


norton ghost ( i use version 15) now supports vista and windows 7.

First config :

C:\ Win server 2003 (crashed version)
D:\ Win XP

-now, i copy server2003 on my friend's computer to my external usb drive (DRIVE E).
-I log on to XP on my notebook and i select the 'COPY DRIVE' option under Norton Ghost (source : E, Destination :C ).
- Copy is complete and a quick reboot, VIOLA, i have server 2003, even the userid/password is the same

my current config:

C:\ Win server 2003 (friend's working version)
D:\ Win XP

So, Id support the statement that u can definitely backup ur vista with Ghost v15.0