Question Can NOT change B/T upload folder after clicking wrong box on pop window (SOLVED)

Jul 26, 2019
I've looked through everything and can not find an answer to this - if I missed it - point this large proboscis to the right direction. I U/L a lot via B/T from my phone to my Win 7 PC and inadvertently clicked on (via the pop up window) "always do this ..." and have it saved into a specific folder. Now I need to change it. The settings window under Share in the B/T settings has it in C:\ ... bluetoothexchangefolder" but that is not where they go. I've check every config file on the system for the old folder and anytime it shows up it does not pertain to this.
I'm lost now. I used to be able to reset this via the control panel, but that not working.
Ideas? TIA!!!!!!!

When I searched for an answer for this problem, there a A LOT of questions how the B/T upload wouldn't go to the folder that was entered in the settings, but I never really found an answer. Here's the solution - this is Win7, but as I believe it's the adapter that controls this, I'm going to assume it's in Win8 and 10.

You can set the upload folder/directory in the bluetooth settings option under share, BUT each type of file can be saved someplace different. So if you've told it, via the "pop up" window (I'll try to attach a screen shot), then the option is over-written.

FWIW, the Bluetooth U/L's and D/L's folders aren't tracked or located by the name/type of device. took me a while to realize that it's the MAC address of the device.
So if you find that either ALL or SOME of the U/L's are not going uploading where you want, get into regedit and maneuver to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Widcomm\BTConfig (this is obviously for a Widcomm B/T adapter), I'm assuming the name will change according to your adapter, ie., CSR for Cambridge Silicon. If you're having trouble finding it, go to the device and look for the BLUETOOTH's MAC address. Then search the registry for it, put the address in the format of FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF.

In the data of your adapter, all will be revealed. You can change the settings of the folder and they'll take place instantly.
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