Can not find download for Universal Serial Bus Controller driver


Oct 7, 2017
I have exactly the same problem. If you never had this problem and do not know the actual solution, please do not reply. All other usb devices are working. All usb ports working. Same MB as Tsaislie. Latest bios , latest drivers.

Math Geek

does everything work?

sometimes you just have to move on and ignore the little yellow ! i've seen it before, rare but does happen from time to time. if everything works, then save yourself some grief and ignore it :D i have ever been able to get that to go away when it decides to stay there.

just a guess but if you want one last shot at it.... do you still have the disk that came with the mobo? older driver disk may have a driver that will make the ! go away. would want to install it manually and only for that specific driver but may be the only way to go if you don't mind an older driver being there.

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