Can not share my internet, very unique problem


Apr 18, 2012
My laptop (single not in any LAN) is connected to a wired broadband connection but since I installed Win7 64 bit, my broadband connection does not appear in the 'adapter settings' or 'networking and sharing center' even though my internet is working fine. But my actual problem is that because of this, I am unable to share my internet connection with our older computer via Wifi. Our Older computer gets connected to my laptop using a usb wifi adapter but can not share internet. It is beacause I cannot right click on my Broadband connection and make it shared network because broadband connection is not listed in adapter settings instead it is listed as Local Area Network.
Here are some screenshots if they help :-

My only aim is to share my internet connection with other pc that runs xp.

How can I do this with above mentioned problem?
Just get a router to share the connection, you are making this much more difficult than what it should be. That LAN connection is correct, you have it hooked up to a modem directly I'm guessing. It won't show up as a broadband connection, it's connected though a regular LAN port on the computer.

And that network connection is already shared. You may want to check on the configuration of the connections between the two computers if you don't want to use a router which will make a much more stable, secure and faster connection.