Question Can OLD hdd or ssd make games run slower?

Dec 29, 2017
I had this computer since 2017 and i havent change either the HDD or the ssd. (or anything else besides the heat sink) This last year i have notice an low amount of fps in most of my games having the same temps, specs and everything as before.

At this point i have no idea what is causing this, so i ask the question, having an old (probably dying) hhd and ss make games run slower? have lower fps?

Games like Fornite are unplayable in the HDD, textures dont even load, and if i place it in the SSD it goes better but still at least 20 fps less than before

Both my GPU and CPU generally Run at a max of 80c when gaming. pic of my specs after playing Apex for 30 minutes in the lowest settings (except resolution) at 35-60 fps depending on the situation or location in the game

AMD A10-7800
Nvidia Geforce GTX970

Drivers are updates
Pc was memory was wipe out last month and the system is in the ssd
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If you had a low amount of memory AND were running an application that was going to page file on a "damaged" or poor performing disk, I suppose it could happen. You should readily be able to check your disks health a variety of ways, the simplest being within Windows own ability to find errors and notify you concerning them.

Other aspects could include old thermal paste, bad ventilation, dust buildup, a failing PSU....
(supported) games don't typically get easier to play as years go by.