Can One Computer have 2 LAN Ports With 2 IP adresses

Siddhu 15

Sep 30, 2011
Hi Guys,
I did ask a slightly different version of the same question. I'll just explain my situation.

I have 2 PC's networked via a gigabit switch. They are both running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit and are on the same workgroup.
Addresses Of both - A: , B: , Both are on the same subnet

What I need to Know Is -

Can I have 2 LAN ports on the PC - "B" , with 2different IP adresses But connected to the same workgroup.I don't need the second port for accessing the PC-B or accessing any of its files or anything. But can 2 programs access each of these ports independently.

Plz Help with whatever Ideas You can share.
Thanx in advance
They should as long as they all have addresses from the same network, otherwise you will need a router to route between networks. So, basically you could use mask, but what would be the purpose? That computer can already be reached by that network.