Can only connect to 2.4GHz

Jul 24, 2018
So my Dad uses the same WiFi as me and on his Network properties it says the Network band is 5GHz yet on mine it says 2.4GHz. I've recently bought an 802.11ac adapter to make sure I can use 5GHz. I have searched on command prompt using netsh wlan show drivers and it confirms I can use 5GHz. I have tried setting the mode to 802.11ac only but my network just disappears and only reappears when I set it to 802.11b/g/n or Auto. Any help would be appreciated, thanks :)
First off, you should have "SSID Broadcasting" or similar name enabled in your router. Should be on by default.

That will show the NAME of the network; so each of the 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz networks should be pulsing out a broadcast signal to make it easy to find them. I personally have mine named something like "Jeffwifi_24" and "Jeffwifi_50" so when I connect from a PC/device and see which local wi-fi options exist I know which one to click on.

From there it should just be putting in the proper username/password you set.

There's no need for COMMAND PROMPT etc... if you can't "see" the name broadcasted then you can't connect to it. If you can't see it and others can then it's a problem with your PC setup possibly an issue with the wi-fi adapter.