Can Only Load Windows In VGA Mode.


Jul 24, 2009
Hello, I recently had some work done on my desktop and according to the shop everything is fine, good news, however since i got it back from the shop the only display setting that works is the VGA mode, every other setting loses signal!and its driving me crazy!

Im using windows XP and a NVIDIA FX 5200, with an ASUS vw192s monitor, everything worked smoothly before putting it into shop,

I'd love some help as since this problem everyone has been taking my new laptop and im not in the mood to share!


They either are bad at repairing, or someone in the shop may have put a driver in for a different monitor. Check the device manager for monitors, then look for monitors that you don't have.
If you get properties on the desktop, then select settings, then Advanced settings... it will show the Monitor stuff as well.