Question Can packet loss result in severe internet speed slow downs?

Aug 14, 2020
My ISP plan is rated for 940Mbps down and 35Mbps up. I am currently averaging between 3-8Mbps down and 17-28Mbps up speeds on both wired and wireless connections.
I contacted my ISP (Cox) and asked if there were issues in my area as I've been having slow speeds for at least 4 weeks. They denied this was the case, even though I have been having outages. After running me through the normal diagnostic checks the customer service person told me that my issue was packet loss and said it was likely an issue on my side.
My question is, is this even possible? And if it is, would this actually cause such a significant slow down on my download speed? From 940Mbps to 3-8Mbps?
I do experience packet loss but it is not severe. I believe this is likely due to living in an apartment complex.
My hardware is all up to date and is capable of handling the max theoretical speeds.
Any information or insight would be appreciated. Thank you!


Aug 22, 2011
Are you using LAN Cable?
Or Wireless

If you are using LAN cable why type CAT 6?
and then the setting of the network card on the computer is on Gigabyte setting or Megabyte setting?
Are you stacking the modem with the wireless router?
How old is the Wireless router?

And then windows 10 is the cause of the slowdown which so far I am clueless what causes the slow down.
If you get enough packet loss it will be slow but it would have to be huge for it to be that much difference.

For it to affect both wifi and ethernet it is more likely a problem with the router or modem. Do other devices in your house have the same issues. I would first try plugging you pc directly into the modem. If the modem and router are a combined unit then it is more likely a problem with the cables going between the modem and the ISP. There should be a lot of messages in the modem in one of the logs if there is a problem with this cable. The ISP should be able to see these even if they attempt to blame the coax cables in your house.