Can ping server, but can't view it on any laptop on the Network.....


Feb 28, 2012
I use a Buffalo Nas LinkStation WXL server to back up my files and data. It has been working perfectly and we have saved some files and data in it.
However, we turned it on one day and it had disappeared from the list of Computers on the network and for a while now we haven't been able to get in. It is not showing in the list of Computers in Network and its webpage keeps coming back as "Unable to Connect" or "Taking to Long to Respond".
The server is visible on the router's webpage under DHCP Clients List and we can ping the server and get a reply. But none of the laptops on the network can view it neither can I (the administrator) get access to it via its webpage?
PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have you tried powering the NAS down? While it's down, remove it from the router's DHCP listing. There should be a setting in the router to do this. Also, just because you can ping it doesn't mean a firewall isn't blocking other ports the NAS may use.