Can Power Loss to Hard Drive Cause Mechanical Problems?


Dec 24, 2011
Hey everyone. I recently finished building my rig and everything went smoothly except for one small thing.. In one of my not so smart moments I was trying to put the side panel on while the computer was on and accidentally knocked the power cable going to my hard drive loose. I quickly pushed it back in and did a hard restart of the computer and didn't notice any problems. My question is can knocking the power from the drive like that cause any mechanical problems ? At the time the computer was just sitting on the desktop so i assume it wasn't writing any data.

P.S. I don't know if this sound was there before or not but when I shut down my computer and it turns off, there is a "spinning down" sound coming from the drive. Its not loud but audible enough.

My Drive:
It's pretty unlikely to cause mechanical problems, although it could cause data corruption if there was unwritten data in the cache or if the drive was actually in the process of writing the moment the power ceased.