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Question Can power outage damage PC hardware?

Ishit Arya

Feb 27, 2014
Today it was my first time experiencing power outage while my PC was running. I have a UPS and bought it just for this case but sadly it didn't run as expected. I thought power will come back shortly within 1-2 mins but it took almost 15 mins and I was playing Destiny 2 Crucible so I let my PC run on UPS battery, after 5 mins my UPS forced my PC to restart itself and made it stuck in windows bootloop so I had to force shutdown (Holding power button).

I'm afraid that this somehow caused hardware damage and it's my first time experiencing this. Are PC components that fragile? Will my PC performance drop in some way?

Someone told me back that PC hardware are either on or off, there's no middle ground. So does that mean a power outage or UPS force restart wont slow down my PC performance but it'll out right make it stop working if something crucial happens?

My UPS is Twin Guard Pro Plus 1000VA and PSU is Cooler Master 750w.


Mar 23, 2020
Thanks for the reply! I'm worried about what caused my pc to bootloop after power outage but it was fixed after force shutdown, is this something to be concerned over?
Apparently, your UPS only held 5 minutes, so the next time there is a power outage you should be shutting down the computer yourself and earlier than that.