Question Can PS5 store PS4 games on external HDD?

Jul 19, 2020
I'm gonna get a PS5 (if luck/god allows) for gaming. This will be my first console purchase. Since PS5 is backwards compatible with PS4, I'll be playing PS4 games on PS5 first (i've been told there's a good amount of great games on it, and there's not a lot of PS5 games around for now). I read online that PS5 can run PS4 games (inserting PS4 game discs in PS5 will work). So, i need to know if PS5 can store PS4 games on external hdd as i want to keep PS5's ssd free for PS5 titles as they come along (there are a few of them available i know so i wanna keep ssd storage free for them). Will this work? or will it be required that ps4 games need to be stored on external hdd from PS4, beforehand, then be transferred to PS5?


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I think so
You can download PS4 games and add-ons from PlayStation™Store directly to the extended storage and move games from your PlayStation®4 system storage to extended storage.

You can play PS4 games directly from an extended storage drive, which gives you more room on your PS5 system storage for PS5 games. If you want to use an extended storage drive you were previously using for your PS4 console, simply connect it to your PS5 console to access your PS4 games. can play PS4 games,to access your PS4 games.