Question Can RTX 3060 run 1080p at 120hz?

It always depends on the game, Even a 3090ti can have trouble on some games at 1080p and not able to obtain 120fps, its just how optimized said game is and sites that say that you can get this or that performance isn't always accurate, actually its rare that they are accurate.

But at 1080p 120hz is pretty decent match for the 3060 mobile, there will be plenty of games where it will get 120 fps or more, but some that it wont, but thats any graphics card out there.


Mar 16, 2020
Performance varies depending on the game, so there is no way you can get a confirmation to your question. For modern AAA titles, it is possible that you can get to/ close to 120Hz/ 120 FPS @ 1080p if the game support DLSS, and if you don't mind sacrificing image quality by lowering image quality settings, or using "Performance" mode in DLSS.
The other factor to consider is how much power this supposed RTX 3060 mobile have access to. Unlike desktop RTX 3060 where there is a reference power limit, laptop variants vary depending on the manufacturer. If the RTX 3060 mobile gets a very low power limit, it will impact performance drastically.