Question Can saliva do any harm to PC components?


Aug 25, 2020
Yeah, stupid question, but lemme explain.
So I was fixing an issue with my PC the other day with the help of a friend, and we were speaking loud and clear so we could fix a fan that was hitting the case of the computer while we were in front of said fan.
Well, that got me thinking, is it safe to speak like that right in front of the tower of the PC? I can easily see that when you speak you can leave some tiny drops of saliva, and I'm curious if those could short circuit the mobo or even corrode something long term.
Mar 23, 2023
It is generally unlikely that saliva from speaking could harm PC components, as the amount of moisture from saliva is minimal and would quickly evaporate. However, it's still recommended to avoid getting any moisture on the components, as it can cause issues such as corrosion or short circuits. Additionally, it's good practice to ground yourself and discharge any static electricity before working on PC components to minimize the risk of damage.