Can small yanking/stress on GPU ports damage the GPU?

Mar 8, 2018
I'm new to PC building and often get paranoid over possible issues. I have a HMDI running to my TV from the GPU port that was slightly taut. I accidentally bumped my leg in to the cord while looking behind my comp, causing it to pull at my GPU from the side and tilt the entire case for a split second. I'm sure it's fine but I don't know whether if there's some strong metal frame that took the force or if I possibly could have damaged some tiny internal component. I don't really have any grasp of part fragility and what random bumps/yanking/stress can do to them, and I get really paranoid about damaging expensive parts. I understand that the port itself may have taken small damage but my main concern is the main GPU components. Should I have any concern, or is there any way to determine whether there was damage even if it still runs correctly? Thanks.


I suspect all is well. PC components are more durable than many believe. Just think of the "abuse" they receive when shipped via the mail/UPS/FEDEX. I wouldn't worry about it too much based on what you described.

Good luck.

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