Can Some 1 Explain it for me :|



Hi All

I've got 1 question i want to ask you all about

why AMD PHENOM ii x4 965 is cheaper than core i7

amd Frequency higher ! :eek:
and lower price ! :eek:

is it all bout the cache??

Because both Processor's has 4 cores - 4 threads ,, so can some one explain it for me because am planing to buy AMD PHENOM ii x4 965 With motherboard
,, Thanks
well, were to begin (btw i use the Core i7 920 model)

the i7 and the PII 965 are probably about equal in performance at stock speeds since the i7 has better IPC (instruction per clock), depending on application

also the i7 has 4 physical cores 8 threads (Hyper Threading on each core), so on 5+ threads the i7 has a little bit of a lead

keep in mind that the i7 in single and dual thread workloads can have 1 multiplier speedup, making it a bit faster in single/dual threaded performance

if you are looking into gaming (have no idea since you didn't say), the PII 965 is plenty fast enough, though i would recommend the 955 and just bump the multi on the 955 by one to get the 965 speed
In laymans terms the clock speed means very little. Each model of CPU (i3/5/7, phenom II/Athlon II, core 2, etc) will be able to execute more commands per cycle (the IPC mindless was talking about). So if a computer is able to execute 2 commands per cycle and another is able to execute 1 per cycle for example, the first at 1GHz and the second at 2GHz, they will both execute the same number of commands in the same amount of time.

When AMD first came out with their Athlon 64s they were superior to anything Intel had to offer but even though their 2.6GHz Athlon 64 outperformed the 4GHz pentium 4, people just saw 4GHz. when you see 3200+ behind those older AMDs, it's their rating of how it would perform vs P4. The 2.0GHz 3200+ would perform the same as a P4 at 3.2GHz

On top of this, Intel introduced something known as turbo boost with their i7. Basically it increases the clock speed of one core and reduces the speed of unused cores in order to gain better single threaded performance. So the i7 actually has 4 cores - 8 threads.

Hyperthreading has been reintroduced with the i7. It allows for 8 "virtual" cores. So each core can basically execute 2 commands more efficiently. The OS will see 8 cores.

And I agree the 955 is unlikely to be not good enough for you. It could even be overkill, depending on the other components in your system.


Thanks Guys ,,

So Everything is about "Hyperthreading - architecture - cache "

i think 4 cores with 3.20 of frequency are enough

because am using Dual core Processor "2 CORES"

So am i going to feel any differnce with the AMD PHENOM ii x4 965

And guys dont you see that there is a big differnce in the price between AMD and INTEL ,, For me am going to try AMD this time
so am i alright ?

Thanks , , ,


i got 1000 $ and i am planing for a good pc ,, so i need a Quad core CPU with high frequency and i want to save money as much as i can to buy a good motherboard - heatsink so PII-x4 is best ?

Thanks All ,,


Yes. What about your other parts? If you want more help, tell us what LCD monitor you have specifically on the resolution: 1360x768 or 1600x900 or 1920x1080? This will determine which Video Card will be best for your planned usage and budget.


May 28, 2009
I would suggest the Phenom II x4 955 with a MSI 790FX-GD70 motherboard or an Asus Crosshair Formula III board. Those two boards are the best AM3 overclocking boards.

Good luck!