Question Can somebody confirm if I have a faulty PSU? [HELP]

Jun 25, 2019
I just finished setting up my PC at my house, before this it was in my university's hostel. Long story short, I managed to run it and opened Spotify at the background. As soon as the monitor was turn off due to the power setting that I have set earlier that automatically turn off the display, my PC suddenly turn off/sleep as well.

It has been 3 days, my PC still cannot be turned on. I have tried various attempts to fix it such as;-
  1. Jump start my PSU by using wire/paper clip on the 24 motherboard cable (4 and 5) holes. At first, my PSU fan was running, thus that indicates that my PSU is fine. However, on the 2nd try, nothing works... No respond from the PSU nor the fan.
  2. Unplugged all the cables and plugged it back. Nothing works.
  3. Using only single stick of RAM.
  4. Removed GPU.
  5. Latest was, I have tried using the Coolermaster Power Tester, no LEDs was lightened up when being tested with my PSU. Does that means my PSU is dead?
The weirdest part is, my LED signal on the motherboard still lights up. Orange colour which means the mobo is on standby mode. If my PSU is dead, how come my mobo can still light up its LED?

I need help and confirmation before I can really sure it is my PSU so that I can send it for warranty claim.
EDIT 1: I also felt soft electric current on my keyboard. Does this also means that my house has a wire grounding problem?

My PC Specs are as below:-
Intel i7-8700
Z370 Rog Strix
16GB G.Skill TridentZ RGB 3000Mhz
Galax GTX 1070Ti 8GB
256GB Adata NVME SX6000 Pro
120GB Crucial BX500 SSD
1TB HDD Seagate
CoolerMaster MWE 650w Gold Full Modular PSU
Jun 25, 2019
If the power tester doesnt light up, the psu is probably dead. If its dead it could still deliver a little power, but not enough to turn on anything more than an led or so.

Most of the CoolerMaster power supplies are pretty mediocre anyhow.
if it is dead, may I know why when I did the jumpstart using the paperclip, the PSU's fan was running at my first try. but not on 2nd and the next tries.