Can someone explain ?


Oct 29, 2008
Hi folks:

my system,

Intel Core2Quad Q6600
Asus P5Q-E
G.Skill (2x2g) 4g
Drive 1 - WD 80g
Drive 2 - WD640g
Corsair 750TX
HIS H4850 512M ICEQ4
2x DVD Roms

My question. I tried to put up a screen shot of the Core Temp 0.99.3 image and one from CPU-Z, but couldn't figure it out how to get it from new machine to this one and post it here. This is on a new machine and not this one.

When I posted for the first time, I just went in and set up a couple things. Didn't really change anything important. Loaded Vista64 bit/sp1. Loaded my drivers from the M/B disk and Video card disk. I d/loaded CPU-Z, Core Temp 0.99.3, and Prime 95 to run a test. When I opened Core Temp and CPU-Z they show my CPU frequency at 1603.64MHz (267.67x6). VID is at 1.325v. Temps are okay 32 , 28 , 23 , 28 across the 4 cores.

From reading the threads on OCing a Q6600 should have a (267.xx x9) to give it the 2.4GHz frequency; correct?

Are the programs reading it wrong, because in the bios it says 2.4MHz. Am I missing something here or what?

Thanks for any responses.