Can someone give me feed back on a possible build?


Nov 18, 2012

I want this for gaming and that's what I am looking to build right now my budget really is a little above 1,000 dollars but I would love to keep it lower.

I play GW2, Skyrim, and WoW. I'm not too nuts about maxing everything out but I like things to look pretty and run smoothly at the same time :D
This will basically be for gaming only. I really don't multitask and I stop most things from running on my computer when I game except for my antivirus. Not really into storing tons of music and movies, I occasionally stream Netflix. Not a hardcore gamer either, I play really on the weekends and briefly during the week if I have time. This is just an upgrade from my Alienware Area-51 m15x. (I am pretty sure anything is better than this lump of crap they called a laptop) This is also my first time building a computer so I am nervous about messing up on expensive components.

PC Part picker tells me everything is compatible but I was wondering if I should make any changes to get a better bang for my buck or even perhaps switch to Intel. Any input or changes are greatly appreciated, and thank you for looking it over in advance.
Here's my recommendations: $200 with promo code $67.55 shipped with free 2x4 gb ram kit
skip the heatsink; the stock Intel heatsink will be adequate if you don't overclock $75 This weekend or on cyber monday you may find this or samsung/Intel ssd's for less.
Newegg had a seagate 1 TB regular drive for $50 two days ago. Two items on the page. the Antec 750w gamers high current power supply for $55 after rebate and promo code, and the raidmax sieran atx case for $30 after rebate and promo code. The case you selected is great, but with such a low budget, I recommend you put more money into the hardware. You can get a fancier case someday when your budget is higher. Register with newegg today to get the promo codes with your email address; otherwise they don't work.