[SOLVED] Can someone help me about how to get 2666mhz from 2133 ram?

Oct 16, 2020
Hello, i bought this bundle: amd athlon 3000g with A320M-DVS R4.0, and i want to get my ram from 2133mhz to 2666 for the cpu.
My gpu is an 1070 aero(not itx) 8gb oc, i know it's not an sweet combination but it is enough to me.
As my ram ,I have corsair vengeance lpx 2133mhz cl13, can someone tell me if it is possibile, right now, i managed to get it running at 2400mhz auto all settings, but if i switch to 2666mhz im getting a black screen only.
Can someone help me, step by step about how to get my ram to 2666, and tell me if it is bad to run it daily at 2666mhz?


2400 Mhz is pretty decent for a 2133 kit.

You can try loosening the timings, maybe go look at the timings from Vengeance LPX 2666Mhz memory and try setting it to that. CL 15/16 might be doable. Might have to increase the dram voltage a little.

As long as the voltage stays fairly low, no real danger to the chips.