Can someone help me get a new MotherBoard I have a good enough GPU


Jun 5, 2009
Can someone point me to a Good Mother Board with dual/quad core processor that will work with my new video card ATI Radeon HD4850 please?
mATX it is then. I'm surprised that the PSU in that system is running fine with an Athlon 64 and a 4850. Yeah, that combo I sent you fit just fine. Thing is, running with that factory PSU is a little scary. Perhaps you are better off with something that generates less heat and uses less power like

AMD Athlon 64 X2 5400 Brisbane BE $58.99

and pair it with this board

ASRock A780GMH $71.99

If the PSU inside your computer is at least 450W then you should be O.k with the Kuma combo I listed earlier. If not then perhaps using the 5400 BE would be a little better.
What's your budget? The combo suggested by megamanx00 is a decent price, but a low/midrange budget combo.

Any newer board out there now will support your video card. Your video card uses a pcie slot. You will be hard pressed to find a newer board that doesn't have one.

Your concern should be more with your power supply. Does it have the 4/8 pin cpu power connector? If not, you'll also have to get a new power supply.
Look at all the connectors coming from the PSU. Is there one that has 4 pins or 8 pins that plugs in right next to the cpu?

The recommendation would depend on the psu then. If you need a new psu, go with megamans' suggestion. If you don't need one, I think you can get a better board/cpu.