Can someone help me name this cable

You want help finding replacement parts for a specific chair. Does this chair have a name? Reason for asking: the manufacturer usually knows what parts are used, and sometimes can provide spare parts.
Have you tried contacting Jysk?
Your picture shows 3 (4) cables. The right one has a broken USB connector, the other two look a bit like DIN connectors, and far in the background it looks like a network cable.
@Nigel: Jysk is the name of the retailer.

To the OP: You need to find out what is "inside" this cable - whether it just supplies power off the USB port, or there's also some electronics involved. Your best bet is to enlist the help of someone with electrical / electronic knowledge, and perform some measurements / reverse engineering.
@Alabalcho: I'm aware of what Jysk is. In Sweden (where I live), Jysk offers a 3 year warranty. Perhaps they can help with repair or spares. Contacting them as I suggested would answer that question.
Unfortunately I could not find any warranty rules on their Dutch website due to lacking language skills.