Jun 20, 2008
hi guys heres my issue i needed a new pc so i started to put one together

i bought :

cpu: q9450 intel
motherboard : dx48bt2 intel
memory: 2 gigs ocz platinum 1600 ddr3

well i was not able to get the memory to go into 1600 mhz mode
(if thats what you call it ) even if i set it in the bios to 1600 it will crash upon post but it will run at 1333

upon further inspection i noticed my processor is only a 1333 /FSB

but my board can handle up to 1600 fsb

because my crocessor is only a 1333 fsb is that why i cant go into 1600 speed? if thats the case can i make it work by overclocling
something? mabe the processor (how much of a strain will i put on the processor? (if not much) what should i set the settings too? i just wanna use the memory i paid extra for ( did i waste my money?) i can not take it back

thank you so much for your help please keep in mind im as dumb as they come to overclocking so please use simple terms


Jun 16, 2008
If your as dumb as they come why did you set the frequency in bios to 1600?, Before you start overclocking you need to read up on it in threads like this or stickies and dont play with settings you dont understand, Your rig is good and will overclock but you need to find out what your doing before diving in.

Start by setting your ram frequency to manual in the bios, put it at the lowest divider and only take the FSB up in small amounts at a time.



Oct 27, 2006
Why did you buy an Intel OEM board if you want to overclock?

Actually, forget that... it's a 1333MHz FSB processor, which means the bus speed is 333MHz. 1600FSB = 400MHz. There's a 67MHz gap, which can only be bridged if you know exactly where to nudge the CPU voltage up.

You'll have to take it up in 5MHz increments until the PC BSODs on startup. That's the point where you upgrade the cooling and ramp up the voltage a notch. Take it up in 5MHz increments, rinse, repeat.

I'd suggest turfing that Intel OEM board to some sucker who doesn't want to OC and fitting a Gigabyte or DFI equivalent. Some people praise Asus too, but I personally detest their BIOSes. Other than that, good boards.

Intel OEM mainboards and Dell machines both do not overclock well, if at all.
I know, that after the first two replies, that you do not want another similar one. But ...

The best time to ask for help is before you buy the parts. This section has lots of posts where people give their budget, main purpose of PC, and ask for recommendations. Or they will post a prospective shopping list and ask for comments.

Then look for overclocking guides for particular motherboards and chipsets. That will save you from reinventing the wheel. Look for an OC guide for Intel boards. You probably will not find one, but you might get lucky. Google something like "overclock guide intel motherboard x48".

Intel boards have a reputation for reliability and stability. But they are not good overclockers.