Question Can someone please look at this picture and tell me what is going on with this card?

Sep 16, 2019
This is a GTX760 that I was considering buying. Don't know the seller. He sent me pictures of the card and one of them doesn't look right. There is some discoloring and bits of what looks like rust or corrosion. It also appears that something has possibly been spilled on it. However, I'm not an expert on used parts so I don't know what is considered normal wear and what isn't. It doesn't look normal to me. Opinions welcome. Thanks.


PC Tailor

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I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole.

Not only are used components a bit "riskier" in some ways, but when the owner can't look after them well, even more so. It would appear there is some discoloration, which can happen, but shouldn't be extensive.

That and i agree there appears to be stains or liquid contamination left over from a previous spillage, as well as what almost appears to be thermal paste blotches in the top left.

If that's the condition they keep their cards in, then you know how well they look after their parts IMO.