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Build Advice Can someone please put together a high-end gaming rig within the $3,000 range?

Do you have a given resolution and monitor with a known refresh rate you'd like to play at? Does this budget include a monitor?

(Or are we just determined to spend $3k even if a great gaming experience for most folks could be had for $1500-$2000....?)

If you just want to play and are content with 1080P high settings at 100Hz or less, $1500 is plenty...; if you want 1440P at good refresh rates with high quality, add a few hundred. IF you want 4k gaming, add yet a few more hundred. If you need 1 TB of NVME storage, add $200..if you need 2 TB, add $400 MORE...
Can somebody please assemble a fully compatible RTX 3090 gaming rig for within the $3,000 range?
Please start here-