Question Can someone recommend an MST hub please?

Jun 13, 2022
I'm getting a PC based around the AMD Ryzen 5700G.
I'd like to support 3 monitors running at 1920x1200 60Hz, using an MST hub presenting 3 (or 4 I suppose) DP connections.

Can someone recommend a decent MST hub for me please? Looking around at Amazon reviews gets the normal unhelpful reviews from people on there, so I'm hoping for a more informed response!

Also, all 3 monitors annoyingly only have DVI on them, so am I correct in thinking that I'll need an active rather than passive DP->DVI adaptor for each?

I don't know if you'll find someone here who's used an MST hub. You could always try looking for recommendations elsewhere. Though the only company off the top of my head who would make one and is probably somewhat decent (if also somewhat expensive) is StarTech.

Also yes, you need an active converter. Passive converters require the DP port to support Dual Mode (it should be indicated as such by the DP logo with two + on the left side), which I don't think would be on an MST hub, or at least one that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.