Question Can someone take over my system (hold it for ransom) by knowing my WIN 10 key/ID?

Nov 11, 2020
I purchased a retail WIN 10 key locally....... The person I bought it from has got good feedback on his online shop; however, he's not really in the business of selling keys and such, therefore he cant be held accountable if my computer got hacked or something

Anyway, can someone hack/ hold my system for ransom if they knew my win 10 id and key?


the person ask me to type in: slui 4 on the "run", select my country, and then screen shot the page it shows, which tells you the installation id
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SLUI4.exe is used for activating win 10 over the phone. i ran it as far as the steps he showed you, I am not entirely sure what that is
1.On your device, open a command prompt with administrator user rights and launch SLUI by typing SLUI 0x4.

2.In the Windows Activation tool, on the Click the nearest location page, click Next to continue.

3.Call the Microsoft Product Activation Center. In the United States, call 855-469-9468. For a list of other phone numbers, see How to contact a Microsoft Product Activation Center by phone.

4.Follow the automated instructions and, when prompted, provide the 63-digit Installation ID.

5.Enter the confirmation ID provided by the phone activation system, and then click Activate.

6.To verify the licensing status, open a command prompt as Administrator on the device.

7.Navigate to the <system drive>:\Windows\System32 folder, type the following, and then verify the License Status now displays “Licensed.”

For more information, please refer to the link:

Activate a Device Using Telephone Activation:

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I wonder if its the real key in that space or one of the 10 dumby keys that almost all Win 10 PC display

Your Key isn't stored on your PC, it is stored on a Windows Activation Server so there is a chance that key isn't yours.

Every time you install win 10 you can click "I don't have a key" and the PC will check with the servers that have your actual key there, plus details of PC its installed on, and maybe a Email address. The actual key isn't on your PC I don't think.
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i thought about this, its possible they could use that code to activate it on another PC.

I don't know why they would want that info unless they are going to activate PC for you. Most of the time thats done automatically as soon as you install win 10, enter the key on the package, and it contacts the internet after install. No need to ring normally, I didn't even know slui4 was a thing. Seems slui by itself can be used to register by chat as well.