Question Can someone tell me which monitor is better between these?

Jun 30, 2019
Someone suggested a monitor to me a few weeks ago when I was looking at upgrading and had about $150 to spend. Now my situation is slightly different so I came here for additional help.

I have a MSI GeForce GTX 1660 Ti 6gb VENTUS XS OC graphics card. My full build is this if it matters:

I'm looking to buy a monitor. Was asking for the $150-$200 range. Was suggested sceptre E255b

Then my wife suggested QVC as she plans on buying a fitbit from there and I may be able to get a better monitor. So now my question is more of what monitor that QVC is selling is my best option. Some that I see are:

So my question is, should I stick with the original suggestion of the sceptre, or is one of the QVC monitors better?

Thank you!


Well, the 4K monitor is probably too much for your 1660ti, certainly more so as time goes on.

Similarly the Acer monitor is 1440p, and would be a bit much for the 1660Ti. Certainly not going to see 144FPS in recent titles at full graphics settings.

But that depends on what you play. If you play light titles like CS:GO, then it would be probably fine.

MSI is a VA curved panel (better colors, really only one ideal viewing position)
Sceptre is a flat TN panel (poorer colors, and viewing angles, fastest response time)

Acer Predator panels are generally pretty good, as are Dell's gaming monitors. But I'm not planning on clicking those links to see which models they are.

Personally wouldn't put any money into QVC, even if they are price competitive.