Question Can SPREADING thermal paste really cause air bubbles or is it just a myth?

Jacob 51

Dec 31, 2020


I found a lot of folk say this to me offline too and I told them it doesn't.
Is it just a myth?
Considering that the Heatsinks push down hard on the paste, it is supposed to squish down the air bubbles, right?

I am currently using the spreading technique with my core i5 3470 with Antec A30 and it doesn't cross 60C
well actually by a small margin. if you want the best thermal, do delid and give liquid metal between the cpu die and ihs, seal it again, and re apply thermal paste. a good thermal paste will help transfer the heat to the cooler. i've used Dot, X, and Spread method on my cpu, well its difference only by 1-2 degrees at max temp, when i tested it using aida stress fpu. i prefer using X method but not large X, just medium sizedm, if you're using a 120mm 4 heatpipe heatsinks.
It largely depends on paste, some come with own spreader so obviously need to use it.
It also depends on the way you spread it, carefully in multiple passes or just splat it around.
Many coolers come with paste already applied and there's nothing wrong with it.
Heavy, thick pastes are better when spread as they don't flow easily and take some time to "set".
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