Question Can t boot usb

Nov 3, 2020
Hello, I have an older pc which I ve previously installed windows 10 and worked. I picked it up and wanted to perform a fresh install so I can give it to my brother. It has an intel d946gzis mobo and suddenly usbs wont work preboot even if usb legacy is enabled. I took the hdd and placed it in my desktop which has an Asus z170 pro gaming. Installed win10 from usb (created with rufus) and plugged iy back in my old pc, but it wont boot. (I ve figured it must have been the sata controller mode). The Asus mobo only had ahci mode and my older one doesnt support it. So i ve wiped the hdd, placed it back in my old pc and tried to install windows from a cd and install failed at 39%. I just want to fresh install win10 now from usb as I prebiously did and worked. Please help me, i m really desperate, tried so many things.