Can\'t Switch From ACHI to IDE Windows 7


May 26, 2012

Everytime I swithc from ACHI to IDE in the BIOS, Windows 7 does not load up. It will say that there's an error with starting windows and it suggests to do a Windows Recovery or Start Up Normally. If I switch it back to ACHI it loads up fine. I read up online and found that changing some things using Regedit will work but It will not for me.

Any help?


Dec 12, 2005
Yes, if you are re-installing Windows. Make sure to change to IDE in the BIOS.

Ideally you want to use AHCI as SSD's take advantage of speed and utility functions (Trim/ garbage collection , queuing, etc).


Just to be clear, the mode that the hard drives are accessed is specified in BIOS: Either IDE or AHCI. Whatever is specified is how Windows will see the drives, and Windows will load the appropriate drivers when it is first installed. If you change the access mode in BIOS after Windows is installed, then Windows will boot with the wrong disk drivers and usually blue screen.
What mbreslin1954 says is correct. Windows will detect and install the proper storage drivers upon installation.

Please note that IDE is an old interface that is becoming increasingly depreciated. AHCI is newer, more extensive and quite stable. There's no reason at all to use IDE when AHCI is available

On a last note, for Intel chipsets that feature "IDE, AHCI and RAID" modes of storage operation, RAID mode is actually AHCI+RAID. All devices will still run in AHCI mode