[SOLVED] Can That 500 Watt PSU Handle GTX 760

PC Tailor

If I am not mistaken, the RS line are the Elite Series Cooler Masters, so whilst that PSU technically has a good enough 12V rail to power a 760, the Elite Series are arguably the worst quality line that Cooler Master make, and I've had various problems with the elite series in the past.

I would absolutely want to upgrade the PSU as soon as you can to a good quality unit. How long have you had the PSU?

PC Tailor

About two years.
It will work, but I would upgrade it once you save up.

The Elite series are notoriously poor quality, so there is always a risk of it damaging itself and other components.

The 760 uses more power than the RTX 2060, so it is an increase in load on the PSU.
The 760 recommends 500W, and the PSU will probably work, but as I said, I would upgrade as soon as you can.

Just copying a quote from a previous post where I cover some more detail:

Cheap PSUs use lower grade OEM manufacturers and use cheap components which risk the safety of your other components. And the last thing you should skrimp on, is the component that literally provides direct power to your entire system.

View: https://youtu.be/vY27LkiEROg

If a PSU blows and takes out other components (which Cheap PSUs often do) - any warranty you have will not cover the rest of your components.
Honestly you can spend 30 euros now, and potentially run the risk of this happening, or save for a bit, and pay for a PSU knowing it comes with a better warranty and protects the rest of your PC should worst case happens. We have a common saying:

Despite whatever money you save on a cheap PSU now, it will cost you more when it fails later

You can get a cheap PSU if you want, but you do so at your own risk. We say so because the last thing we would want is for you to pay this money anyway, for it to damage other components, getting a good quality PSU means you can rest knowing the PSU should work for the next few years without issue. And it really does pay to save and get a good quality unit.