[SOLVED] Can the cause of raw partition be a hardware issue?

Jan 3, 2022
Hey guys.
My computer was a little bit slow, specially when browsing internet, and I thought it may have viruses and I did a full scan with windows defender but it took too long, almost 9 to 10 hours, and then I tried to stop it and restart my laptop but after restarting it still kept throttling and the windows defender was still working in the background, so I tried to reinstalling windows with a bootable CD, but at first I forgot to boot the CD from UEFI mode and I deleted my partitions through the legacy mode but windows didn't install, so then again I booted it with the UEFI mode, this time the installer wasn't able to delete the partitions that I created with the legacy mode, so I searched the web and was able to use the Diskpart (through the CMD in the installer) and create new partitions and finally installing windows 10. But when the insallation was complete, there was an issue, all my partitions except drive c (which windows 10 is installed on) wasn't appearing in the file explorer. So I again searched the web and was able to list all of my partitions in CMD but their type was RAW (as I said except drive c). I tried installing windows 10 again but the issue didn't solve and also today I installed windows 11 but that didn't help either. Now do you guys have any solution or do you suspect that it can be a hardware issue? like because of my HDD or my motherboard?
Btw my laptop is an Asus VivoBook x542UF with a core i7 8550u and a nVidia GeForce mx130 and 1TB of HDD.