Can the Dell Inspiron n4110 battery be charged separately from the computer?

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Feb 4, 2015
Going off grid and was thinking about buying several extra batteries and a charger to always have a fresh one on hand. But can the battery be charged separately or does it have to be in the computer at the time...?

Math Geek

depends on the battery. i have had some that can charge separately and others that do not. normally, the high ouput ones can be charged on their own. they are usually the ones that don't fit flush into the laptop but rather stick out some for the extra stack of batteries.

you will need to look at the specs to see which way it is. the last hp laptop i got one for would charge on its own and even had a charge meter to look at and verify the charge level. i don't recall seeing any that fit flush into the laptop that charged separately but then again i have not really looked in a long time.
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