Can the previous owner of my steam account recover it?


Mar 2, 2017
So i bought the 13 year badge steam account to look cool i guess. I bought some games etc
The steam account has an email in its username, and i do have access to that email, but i worried that the seller swapped the primary emails before selling so he can lock my account anytime he wants. When i bought the account it had like 3 games and i added 130 games to it (mostly crappy ones). It is worth around 250$ now. I planning on leveling it up to level 100 (80 now). And also buying 800 euros of skins and keeping them on that account. Can the seller or the account creator from 2004 recover it? Lol i know im stupid for doing that and i regret it but yeah.

I already changed the email and added my phone and steam guard mobile. I am worried that the seller still has the email from steam and can lock my account that way.
Here is what i mean: steam account creation email= oe(original email)
temporary email = te
current email= ce

So the seller could have swapped the primary email (oe) to a (tp) and that way he has the steam support mail (with account lock option) on his (te) now he changed it back to (oe). So right now i have this account for over a year now but i still don't know if the seller or the creator can lock the account (via the support mail you get when you change your steam email).

Math Geek

once the phone id is active, then anytime you try to log in it'll require the code from the phone app. except for the pc it is installed and run on.

so he'd not be able to log into it to change anything nor do the recovery process without access to your phone. also good for market transactions since nothing can be added/traded without phone code either.