Question Can this AMP power these speakers.

Hello. I have 2 drivers robbed from some 90s Compaq computer speakers with 4-ohm impedance and 8w labeled on the back of both speakers.

I have this amp from dell AX210 computer speakers. This amp utilizes 2 of these amplifier IC's.
One of the drivers started rattling, so I no longer have them.

The dell speakers only use USB power, so I'm not sure they can power these drivers.
If I use this board to power these speakers what will happen? I'm assuming low volume, which is ok for me. I'm just worried it may damage the speakers or amp.

Also, I noticed the AMP IC can take a 12v in. If i were to put 12v in would it allow for a louder volume or break things?
Well i just twisted and taped the wires and plugged it in hoping for the best.
It worked and was decently loud. No smoke luckily.

Unfortunately there was a ton of static and hum. I figured this is due to the twisted wires. I soldered them together and will test when i get back.
I plugged the USB into my PC with nothing plugged into the aux. No hum now.

Well, I plugged the aux into my phone. Nothing at all. Plugged the aux into my PC, nothing.

Plugged the aux into my 6th gen iPod touch which it worked with earlier, a bit of a hum. Music will play through the iPod, but my iPod immediately died when i turned the volume up (the iPod had just been plugged in). I charged the iPod more and it doesnt die. Audio is a bit distorted at higher volumes with a noticeable hum at all volumes.

Now I noticed that the speakers we drawing a ton of current from my pc and wouldn't even work with some of my wall adapters. The voltage was dropping a lot.

So now I think these speakers are running out of power. This brings me back to my original thought. Can I use this on 12v?