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Jan 24, 2007
I have a newly built AMD 3700X-powered box with 32GB ram in an ASUS X570 mobo (and yes, I also bought 2 Sabrent nvme M2s with pcie v4 compatibility...and wow, but my question isn't about them).

I also installed a new MSI Radeon RX-5700XT video card, also pcie V4, not thinking in terms of extra powers but that it would last with this box for the next decade or so, should I live that long. 3 monitors plumbed from 2 DPI and 1 HDMI, I bought the card on eBay from a vendor id'd as starlit. eBay counts them as an "above" vendor and it seems they sell mostly MSI products.

It took me several weeks to get around to installing the 5700XT, I was using an RX460 and it worked fine.

Shortly after the RX5700 install the machine began taking a loooonnnng time to boot, with the "whirling circle" symbol appearing on a dark screen and my USB LED keys keyboard flashed on then off several times for maybe 3-5 minutes before it finally settled in and brought the screens up. Said symbol is usually indicating that Windows in trying to install something. I have had XP boxes take less time that this to boot.

After the system booted into W10 it worked fine. No peculiar things I recall noticing.

Today I pulled the 5700 and dropped in an RX580 (don't recall the brand, Speccy just says ATI, with the same monitor load and it came right up.

Yes, I did indeed try "updating" the AMD drivers for the 5700, several times but the tool they downloaded seemed satisfied with the driver I had.

Now the 5700 has 4GB RAM and the 580 8GB. But I AM NOT A GAMER...and delete everything I consider a game from my systems. So video ram shouldn't be any issue at all.

So the question is: could a malfunctioning GPU cause such an issue?
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