Can this laptop play diablo 3?


Sep 5, 2010
I have an ancient gateway laptop:
2gb ram
1.6ghz pentium dual core
ati 200m graphics card

possible to play diablo 3 at all minimum, or am i just asking for too much? :D


Agreed you will not be able to run it even on the lowest settings and if it did run a little you would have so much lag that it would be a game braker. These new games of today are made to run with all of the top hardwear.

So I feel for you because it is what you have and wanting to play and not planing on the budget kinda sucks. I had hopes to upgrade my GPU's but can't not enough money coming in.

So if my cards go well no gaming for me. I do wish you good luck on this and hope you find something to be able to play. Cheers