Can u help me please???


Dec 2, 2011
Hi, i am new guy at tom's hardware so i'll try to give as more information as i can ,for my problem.
When i start my PC there is a strange sound coming from my hard disk at first i thought that it was the drive but when i plugged it into another pc it was working with no errors or sounds.I also tryied a new hard disk,it worked for 2 weeks but then again the same problem...I tried also to see if my RAM was bad but when i plugged out one out of two it booted only for 10 mins after that again same thing...(i tryed also with my other new RAM)sometimes it doesn't even recognize my dvd drive...changed cables but nothing happpened,checked my bios settings,did a bios reset but nothing helped out...My mobo is a MSI do u think that there is something with my mobo??
Thank you!!