Question Can we connect rgb of multiple fans to a single rgb header in motherboard?


Nov 5, 2018
Recently I bought a pc and it was built by the store technicians, as I had no experience on how to build.

The case is Cooler Master 511 RGB. It has 3 front intake fans with rgb.
The technician connected the rgb of the fans to a small controller which came with the case and it has a button to set different colors of rgb lights.
But I was not able to sync it with my motherboard's (MSI B450 Tomahawk max) MSI mystic light.

I bought another fan for top exhaust and it has separate rgb cable and I connected it to motherboard's rgb header.
Then I was able to sync it and change the lights with MSI mystic light software.

What I observed is, the new fan has another extra cable pre-attached so that we can hook another fan's rgb cable to this cable, so that we end up with a single rgb cable for both fans and can connect it to motherboard's rgb pins and can sync with the software.

What I did is, I detached the rgb cable of front intake fans from the controller (which the technician attached to earlier) and connected this cable to the new fan's extra cable. Now all the 4 fans' cables are connected and plugged to the same rgb header in motherboard.

To cut short, I connected all the rgb pins of the 4 fans to a single rgb connector in the motherboard (as the fans rgbs are now connected like a serial connection with that extra cable) and now everything is in sync with the software.

Is it the right way to do it? Does it damage the rgb or motherboard or anything?



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