Can we trust Lenovo yet? The C940-14 is pretty slick..

Dec 27, 2019
With all the bad press Lenovo has had in recent years, is the company trustworthy at all?

Recently, I picked up a Yoga, c940 14" from bestbuy. i7 10th gen, 16GB ram, UHD, 512GB SSD. For $1400 it seems a phenomenally well-built machine, easily on par with surface and mac builds.

However... There is the history of lenovo to consider: superfish, lenovo feedback program etc. etc..

"But those happened years ago"

I'm wondering if there is anything on current systems I should be worried about?

I have searched but not found anything current.

Lenovo does install some system management utilities (Lenovo vantage) which does seem necessary to get certain functionality.

Perhaps simply by asking this question it should be plain to me this machine should go back, but it's the best of the 10th-gen bunch I've tried so far...


Math Geek

i don't trust them any more now than before. true we have not heard anything in a year or so but that to me just means they just have not been caught yet.

1 mistake can be forgiven but a pattern like they have, is enough to turn me off forever. there are plenty of other brands out there worth a few extra bucks. anything budget, will have the cost offset by your data is one form or another. that's just the sad truth these days. you may not see it, but i would put money on it that they are still up to the same old stuff.
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