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Question Can windows 10 handle all hardware drivers installation by itself?

Assaf Patishi

Jan 11, 2017
to make story short, for a long time I experience crashing and freezing issues when playing games (mostly on steam).

All my hardware is brand new and high end (10900k,2080ti,32gb ram etc..) ,I am on a fresh windows 10 installation right now without bloatware or anything.. only windows 10 and steam running in the background.

From looking at the event viewer, It is possible that it's related to error ID 56 (source: application pop up). from searching on the net, I found some posts about this issue, and people suggested to use windows' own drivers instead of the one's provided by the motherboard manufacturer.

When doing a fresh windows installation, I have always unplugged the machine from the internet and installed manually ONLY the drivers from Gigabyte website and only than I connected to the internet and let windows do its thing..but I want to try to do another fresh installation and this time let windows 10 install all the drivers by itself. Can I do that?

If I stay connected to the internet while installing windows, will it be able to install all hardware drivers by itself? (chipset, GPU,realtek, LAN etc') ?

What is the recommended way to do this? after windows 10 is installed should I just go to update settings and tell windows to check for updates? or should I just let it install everything on its own?



Win 10 Master
BIOS - WIn 10 won't update this and on a new board its advisable to have latest, as it can fix bugs

I would check the Gigabyte website after install to see how new the drivers it installs are, Win 10 might not get the latest chipset drivers/Intel Management Engine Interface
GPU - MS have older Nvidia drivers which will work with your card.
Realtek - If Audio, Win 10 should be fine. What motherboard is it as some might need an extra step (should show on website)
If Realtek LAN, the drivers are from Feb 2020 and only recently been surpassed.
If LAN is something else, win 10 should still be fine.
Mouse/KB - I think you likely need to chase these up, if your devices don't use standard drivers.