Question Can you actually achive the advertised LAN speed of a powerline

Nov 17, 2019
I have a computer at my basement that I usually use for backing up photos . The normal thing to do is to use an ethernet cable to connected to the rest of the network . The problem is that there is no ethernet port down there . So I thought that a power line could solve my problem but there are so many power lines out there that I couldn't pick one especially knowing that many of the dont even get close to there advertised speed. Si I would like to ask if anyone knows a powerline that it can actually get close to 1 gbit. By the way
I was looking into the TP-LINK TL-PA7010P KIT v3 . Do you know if it's any good
Tplink tends to get good reviews. Key to get best performance is getting units that run the AV2 standard.

Your ethernet port actually gets more than the rated speed. If you rate it the same way wifi and other platforms you would add the transmit and receive speeds together. So ports are actually 2gbit using that method. Ethernet unlike these other technology can actually accomplish this.

Like wifi they rate them based on unrealistic configurations. What person would plug both powerline units into the same outlet. Then you would have to configure it to send data in only 1 direction. They adding the transmit and receive rates together. The older 500 model units many times used to come with 10/100 ethernet ports so they knew they were telling lies when it could not even get 100mbps rates.

There is actually no way to predict what speed you will get. It all depends on the the wire between the 2 locations and other factors related to your house.

Your only other option is going to be MoCa if you have coax tv connection in both rooms. If you can actually find moca 2.5 based units for sale they can get 500+mbps for many people. They have a "fake" number of 2.5gbit.
For whatever reason the largest vendor actiiontec does not sell these to retail customers even though they act like they are available.
I wouldn't expect even close to gigabit speeds even with the best powerline units. Tops you'll see is touching 200Mbps.

Moca can hit full gigabit and are as quick to install as powerlines if you've got the existing cabling.