Can you backfeed Ethernet from router to all Ethernet ports in the house

Jan 22, 2019
Just moved into a new home and the previous lease-holders had CAT 5e ran through the house to newley installed Ethernet ports in each room. Now, our wireless signal downstairs is phenomenal, yet as soon as you go upstairs it dies out drastically. I’m trying to find a way to solve this without involving a rediculous amount of people who have previously half-assed this setup. I have an access panel in the laundry room where all the CAT 5 originates. However there is no feed-line. Just a what looks to be simple bridge board that has a individual punch out connections for all the CAT5e. Can I take an Ethernet cable from my router output, backfeed it through the livingroom j45 port, and then in the closet punch in the CAT5efrom the living room into the Feed section of the board and give wired access to all rooms??That way I can extend WiFi coverage with a secondary router, and directly wire our tv’s??
Is the issue that your modem->router isn't in the same room as the access panel and you also need ethernet at the single jack where the modem is at?

You can buy a switch to put in the access room and then buy an access point for wifi. modem->router->switch-> AP

monoprice is a good place to buy patch cables. they probably sell a decent switch too. unmanaged is fine if you dont want any fancy features. if you want a good managed/POE switch the unifi US-8-60W is great. You can buy unifi pros with no injector for $125 if you want really fast wifi. the $80 unifi lites with injectors + unmanaged switch will cost a lot less and it's a great setup as well.